What Is Elevate Performance?

This concept began as an outlet for exploring optimal human performance, as a blog, in which the aim was to decipher the overload of poor information online, in areas of training, nutrition and general health & well-being, to provide you with practical, evidence-based methods to utilise.

The aim still remains, but Elevate Performance has now expanded to offer services from a network of experts in the areas of Physical training, Psychology, and Nutrition all of whom employ an evidence-based approach to learning, and are passionate about applying that knowledge in their specialist area.

We understand that sustainable improvements to health & performance are achieved by the interplay of each many different aspects, so our mission is to offer a service that considers all areas of human performance and health.

We understand the whole person, and value the individuality of each one, so the mission is to cover all corners, from physical training, nutrition and mindset to offer a bespoke service that delivers sustainable results.




Meet The Team

Dave O'Neill BSc.,
MSc. Founder and Strength & Conditioning Coach

I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Coaching & Performance and Master of Science degree in Strength & Conditioning (S&C). I am currently studying towards a PhD in Athlete Physiology at SETU. While studying towards these, I have provided S&C and sports science support to a range of people from general fitness enthusiast to professional athlete, in a wide array of sports such as GAA, athletics, martial arts, cycling, and horse racing.

My mission is to use the knowledge and experience I’ve gained through both playing and coaching sports – from inter-county Gaelic football, to competitive Brazilian Jiujitsu – to help improve the performance, health, and lives of other people.

My belief is that in training to sustainably improve performance or health, no single area should be neglected, and that no two people are the same. I believe that holistic training will yield sustainable results and individualised training will optimise those results.

John O'Connor BSc., MSc.
Nutrition Consultant

I am a qualified and registered performance nutritionist and founder of Target Nutrition – an online nutrition consultancy based in Dingle, Co Kerry. I have completed certifications in food as medicine, disordered eating in sport, sleep, and psychology of behaviour from various institutions, so I understand the impact nutrition can have on the overall health & performance of a person and their life.

So far, I’ve been lucky enough to work with numerous club teams, Kerry GAA and top AFL side Geelong Cats.

I’m an evidence-based practitioner who believes that long term success lies in education and client empowerment. I seek to translate the science for clients and athletes and present it in an understandable manner.

I aim to help eliminate the confusion that exists in the area of nutrition as a result of social media, media, sensationalist headlines and those who are unqualified.

Laura Langton BSc., MSc.
Sports Psychology Consultant

I am passionate about sport and helping people improve their performance and enhance their mindset for optimal performance.

After competing at international level in athletics I became extremely interested in the effect that psychological preparation for sport and exercise has on the athlete.

I have qualified with a BSc. in Athletic Therapy and Training from DCU and I am registered as a Certified Athletic Therapist (CAT). I then went on to pursue an MSc. in Sports and Exercise Psychology at WIT.

I am currently completing a research PhD. in Sports Psychology. I have worked with team sports from GAA to rugby and hockey as well as a variety of individual sports including athletics and triathlons.

I want to equip people with the skills that can help them achieve their performance goals by looking at areas such as mindset, concentration training, and visualisation to name a few. I want to help people to achieve to the highest standard they can by teaching them the benefits of training the mind as well as the body.