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Dave O’Neill BSc., MSc.

Founder and Strength & Conditioning Coach

Through the array of experience I have gained through both playing and coaching sports, from intercounty Gaelic football, to competitive Brazilian Jiujitsu, I have forged a passion for performance, overcoming challenges and improving the quality of life through physical training. I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Coaching & Performance before more recently obtaining a Master of Science degree in Strength & Conditioning (S&C). While studying towards these, I have provided S&C and sports science support to a range of athletes from general fitness enthusiast to professional, in a wide array of sports such as GAA, athletics, martial arts, cycling, and horse racing.
I have utilised training as a vehicle for not only physical, but for personal development, and my mission is to use this knowledge to help improve the performance, health and lives of others. My belief is that in training to sustainably improve performance or health, no single area should be neglected, and that no two people are the same. I believe that holistic training will yield sustainable results and individualised training will optimise those results.
Instagram: @_elevateperformance
Email: Dave@elevateperformance.ie

Jamie Blanchfield BSc.

Consultant Endurance Coach

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a keen interest in sport and performance, from club right up to professional. I am a firm believer that hard work, dedication and effective individualized training can help people from every walk of life achieve their goals.
I have graduated with a first-class honours in BSc Sports Coaching and Performance. Through my studies I have gained vast amounts of academic and practical experience within Talent Development, Sports & Exercise Physiology, Strength and Conditioning, Coaching Practices and Sports Psychology. I am also a qualified Cycling Ireland coach working in a consultancy role with the organisation.
My primary role is an endurance coach for road cycling, time trial and track while providing support in multiple endurance sports from Triathlon to Athletics. My whole philosophy of coaching revolves around the development of self-sufficient athletes by aiding and educating them in every way possible along their journey. I have worked with a wide variety of athletes from beginner right up to professional level and hope to have played a small part in their success along that journey.
You can contact Jamie here or visit his website here.
Instagram: @premierendurance
Email: Jamie@premierendurance.ie

Michelle O’Connor BA., MSc.

Coaching Psychology Consultant

A Healthcare Professional for 8 years, my passion and work has always featured two key components: People & Performance. Working with people from various backgrounds in Health, Education, Business and Sport, I have always had a desire to understand the core elements that lie at the heart of people, potential and development.
My experiences in social Care ignited a curiosity to understand the principles and psychological nature of basic human functioning, human behaviour and human conditioning, and their correlating influences on areas of holistic human performance.
Fuelling my desire to expand my knowledge, I then went on to obtain a Masters in Coaching and Coaching Psychology. My practice in application, aims to address and optimise all areas of performance through a psychological lens. Its theoretical application and scientific based nature enhances psychological growth and conditioning, as well as human functionality and holistic development. Outside of her professional life, Michelle has many interests. She likes to be outside as much as possible, always on the look-out for many of Irelands hidden gems. Her hobbies include travel, music, exercise and all things sport.
For a consultation, you can contact Michelle here
Instagram: @the_performancepsych_coach
Email: info@michelleoconnorcoach.com

John O’Connor BSc., MSc..

Nutrition Consultant

I am a qualified and registered performance nutritionist and founder of Target Nutrition – an online nutrition consultancy based in Dingle, Co Kerry.
I am an evidence-based practitioner who believes that long term success lies in education and client empowerment. I seek to translate the science for clients and athletes and present it in an understandable manner.
I aim to help eliminate the confusion that exists in the area of nutrition as a result of social media, media, sensationalist headlines and those who are unqualified. As connectivity and social media platforms grow worldwide, more and more people have the ability of sharing their thoughts and beliefs with the wider world. With this, the biggest problem regarding nutritional advice offered online is that anyone can set themselves up and offer advice which leads to great risks and confusion.
I have completed certifications in food as medicine, disordered eating in sport, sleep, and psychology of behaviour from various institutions, so I understand the impact nutrition can have on the overall health & performance of a person and their life. So far, I’ve been lucky enough to work with numerous club teams, Kerry GAA and top AFL side Geelong Cats.
For a consultation, you can contact John here or visit his website here.
Instagram: @target.nutrition
Email: info@targetnutrition.ie