Finding your balance to optimise progress.

Finding your balance to optimise progress.

Whether it be training for performance or general health, we must have a balanced approach. Knowing when to push hard and when to pull back are key to optimising the process.

The yin and yang is a symbol used in Chinese Taoism to symbolise balance between opposites. The symbol shows two sides, dark (yin) and light (yang), with a piece of each side included in the other. This symbolises that on side cannot exist without the other, which we can relate to training and recovery. Among many things, in Taoism philosophy the yin symbolises femininity, calmness and intuition while the yang symbolises masculinity, activity and logic. We can extract these and apply them to practices in the realms of performance, health and wellbeing, which too are all related.

Key lesson to learn from this symbol is that understanding that pushing yourself and taking it slow come hand in hand and will complement each other along the process towards being the best version of yourself.

This philosophy is key to our approach to coaching.

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